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Guy A. Sims, Author

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Guy Sims has authored two of the earliest publication on the subject of Kwanzaa.  The first was the Kwanzaa Handbook (1981) and the second, The Kwanzaa Kids Learn the Seven Principles (1984). 


An avid poet and writer of short fiction, Guy has completed a collection of new American Tall Tales, Rife Powers and Other Too Tall Tales, has a screenplay currently under review, and a critically acclaimed novel, Livin’ Just A Little (2013). 


He is also the head writer for the Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline comic book series and the companion novellas, The Cold Hard Cases of Duke Denim: #1-Hold’em Close (2013), #2-Silver Roses (2014), and #3-High Notes, Low Blows (2014).  


Like most creative spirits, it is hard to pinpoint when Guy wanted to add writing to his life experiences but his earliest inspiration was the audio version of Richard Wright’s Black Boy.


Guy’s advice to new writers, struggling writers, and those who think they would like to do some writing is to take it one page at a time!

Dawud Anyabwile, cover illustrator

Emmy Award Winner, Dawud Anyabwile was born David J.A. Sims of Philadelphia, PA in 1965.  Dawud is the creator and illustrator of the Brotherman Comics series which was conceptualized in 1989 and introduced at the NYC Black Expo in May 1990.

Dawud has made a career of airbrushing tee shirts in his teen years on the streets of Philadelphia and other east coast cities.

He and his brothers teamed up to produce the Brotherman comics series which is recognized as the spark for the current, modern day Black Comics/Superhero movement.

Dawud has also gained professional studio experience on televison  productions such as THE WILD THORNBERRYS and THE RUGRATS as a character designer as well as many other music video, commercials, game animations and more.

A vegan of 18 years and father of two talented young men, Dawud has always made it his priority to produce high quality family entertainment products that not only entertain but inspire the readers to take control of their own destinies, families and communities.

Personal website:


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