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Just Hittin' the Streets

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There’s a four-legged fortune running loose in Big City and a pack of pooch poachers are on the prowl to fetch the prize.  The streets are filled with rabid rapacious rascals with fangs bared and sharpened claws ready to ensnare.  From cage rattlin’ to zoo battlin’ to seaside hagglin’, danger is unleashed as lies start unravelin’.


Duke Denim has the scent and won’t stray too far from the trail to find the truth.  He’ll claw his way up to the perpetrators of pedigree perched in high society and dig his way down to muzzle miscreants involved in seaside scammery.  Headaches, double-takes, and heartbreak; posing, high-nosing, and home base closing all hound Duke…but he’s not rolling over.


Phony puppy love, a bitter litter, and more money than a Dalmatian has spots.  Will Duke solve the case or is he just chasing his tail?  He may be dog tired but there’s no time to paws for the cause.  There’s nuttin’ some won’t do when they want Muttin’ But The Best!

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